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Automated Liquidity Cap Table Management Tool is the leading Digital Asset Ownership Management and Marketplace for Technology companies. Join the 1,000's of tech focused companies utilizing
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What We Do

The concept of programmable money and programmable equity together push us into a world where unprecedented value can be created by autonomous value-creating networks, managed by

Flexible and Secure

The flexible and secure application is a simple and effective feature managing some of the worlds best assets including,, and others.

Manage and Performance

Integrated into the VNOC tech stack and Contrib network, eShares focuses on managing individual and performance based value creation, contractual agreements and compensation for over 26,000 assets. network and process automates and displays value /time based contribution and compensation around stakeholder ownership interest. Transparency in equity ownership and value creation is one key model eShares delivers for the Global Ventures network and runs a specific function using blockchain ledger and verification technology.

Verification of Contribution, ownership transaction options and other needed information are currently next phase features of We are seeking strategic partners to leverage knowledge and distribution for our offering and scale.